Nowadays keto diet is on trend and most likely to become one of the favourites of everyone in upcoming days. From Kardashian to LeBron James, many had followed this diet to slash carbs. Even in India, every celebrity is replacing their previous diets with keto diet. Though the keto diet is on-trend but most people are unaware of its wide range of benefits. So here is the detailed information of what is keto diet and the benefits of keto diet.


Keto diet is a high fat and low carbs diet which helps in reducing the appetite leading to weight loss. Basically replacing carbohydrate with a good amount of fat for energy.

During the keto diet ketones from the liver are used to produce energy. The diet is very much similar to Atkins diet. The basic idea behind this diet is to get less calories from the carbohydrate and more from fats and proteins.

With the help of the Ketogenic diet, a person can effectively lose weight. It  also reduces the risk factors of heart diseases. It also helps in reducing in blood sugar and insulin level.


Keto is a word derived from ketones. Ketones are basically molecular body which is made from fat by the liver. The idea behind the diet is to produce these small fuel molecules ‘ ketones’  which works as an alternative source to produce energy for the body and especially for the brain. The ketones work as a source of energy when blood glucose is in short of supply. 

During the Ketogenic diet, our entire body switches to fat for its fuel supply, which helps in continuous burning of fat from the body.


As we know that keto diet helps in weight loss and got credits for the same but it also have some other health benefits also which most people don’t know about, so here are the most important benefits of keto diet:-

1.Reduces Anxiety and Depression

According to one research finding in the study of mice, the keto diet helps in reducing anxiety. This could be due to the intake of healthy fats and low level of sugar.

2. Helps in Weight Loss

Low carb diet helps in losing by effectively reducing appetite and by boosting metabolism. During the low carb diet excess water from the body is removed which lowers the blood insulin level and leading to rapid weight loss. A person on the diet can see their results in the initial 3-6 month only.

3. Improves Acne

Eating foods rich in processed and refined carbohydrates disturbs the gut bacteria, which cause blood sugar to rise and fall significantly, which ultimately effects the skin health and cause acne. Having a low carbs diet during the Ketogenic diet helps in reducing acne.

4. Helps in the Lowering of Heart Related Problems

Low carbs diet is high in fat which helps in increasing high-density cholesterol (HDL), which is beneficial for the heart. Also, low carb diet h reduces the number of LDL particles in the bloodstream which helps in boosting heart health.

5. Improves PCOS Symptoms

This is a situation when small fluid- filled sacs are formed in the eggs which makes it larger. It is caused due to the high level of insulin . As the diet lowers the insulin level in the body , it may helps in the treatment of the disease.

6. Helps in Maintaining Low Blood Sugar Level 

Cutting carbs in keto diet helps in lowering the blood sugar and insulin level drastically which is proven beneficial in type -2 diabetes.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure

Keeping blood sugar level low and stable and by raising the  HDL ( good cholesterol) profile, Ketogenic diet helps in keeping blood pressure in check and also helps in lowering the tryglyceride level

8. May Reducee the risk of certain type of cancer.

Some researches have found that the keto diet may be safe to use alongside chemotherapy and radiation therapy and it also have some benefits in certain cancer treatment.

9. Improves Sleep

Studies have shown that Ketogenic diet improves sleep by increasing slow wave sleeps patterns. It is likely to be related with the complex biochemical shifts involving the brain to use ketones for energy.

10. Improves kidney Functioning

The most common cause of kidney stone and gout is elevated uric acid, oxates and phosphates . Ketogenic diet helps in keeping uric acid level in check and helps in proper functioning of kidney.

11. Your Brain Seems Sharper

Brain operates more efficiently on ketones that it does on blood sugar, but the research is all fairly new. On Ketogenic diet, upto one third of brain’ s energy comes from ketones. Ketones are made to fuel the brain in absence of blood sugar which are helpful sharpening of brain.

12. Helping the Eyes

Blood sugar level increases the risk of cataract and also effect the eyesight. Ketogenic diet helps in reducing the blood sugar level, which therefore helps in improved vision health

NOTE:  It increases the amount of ketones in  the body which is sometimes harmful for the diabetic patients. It is advised to consult your doctor before starting the diet.


It is advised that before experimenting on any type of diet one should consult a doctor. It is very much important before starting the diet to consult a doctor as it can cause some serious problem in some people. These are some groups who should avoid Ketogenic diet or needs special consideration .

  • If the person is diabetic and taking medicines of diabetes.
  • If the person have high blood pressure and taking medication for the same
  • Also,If you are breastfeeding.


As we know that Indian diets are rich in cereals and keto diet limits carbs to 20-25 grams, which creates confusion of what to have during the diet. So here are the list of foods you can have during the Ketogenic diet .

  1. Granola
  2. Multigrain Muesli
  3. Granola chocolate bars
  4. Low carbs almond cookies
  5. Coconut cookies
  6. Low carbs flour
  7. Keto noodles
  8. Keto noodles

NOTE:  You can also replace normal flour with coconut and almond flour and can use it in making porridge . Low carbs flour specially for diet like these are also available in the market. 

Also there is lots of variety of snacks available in the market for the keto diet. All the items are also easily available on online stores. Plate full of veggies will be very beneficial during the Ketogenic diet, because they have fewer calories, fewer carbs and are full of nutrients.


Are you not sure what to avoid in Ketogenic diet?. Here are some food you should avoid during the diet.

  • This includes food which is high in sugar and starch like potatoes, rice and bread. These foods are also high in carbs.
  • You should also avoid low fat food as keto diet should be high in fats and low fat foods  generally have high carbs.
  • It is also advised to avoid food which is highly processed as they contain salts, carbohydrate, artificial flavours etc.


You have already read what to eat during the keto diet, but what about the drinks. Don’t worry we have got you covered with these too. Here are the drinks you should have during the keto diet.

  • Water: Whether you are on a keto diet or not, you should always have water in good amount. It helps in the filtering process of the kidney. 
  • Green Tea: You can have gree tea during the keto diet as it will give you antioxidants and nutrients during the diet. You can also add milk or cream to the green tea as it will help in calories count.
  • Coffee: By adding the sweet, butter or milk in your coffee you can hit your calorie goals.
  • Protein Powder: There are lots of options for the protein powder available for the diet especially.
  • Hard liquor: You can have any liquor during the diet, but make sure not to mix them with the juice or any other calorie sweeteners.


As we have read the benefits of Ketogenic diet let’s know the precautions to take while having Ketogenic diet:-

  • It is important to discuss  any changes in your diet plan with your doctor, dietitian or any healthcare provider, especially for the people who are having any kind of health problems
  • People looking to start keto diet should seek consultation with doctor especially in cases like diabetes, heart related diseases , hypoglycemia.
  • For a less restricted diet like keto diet a person should consume diet rich in proteins and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.


  • As we have read this diet not only helps in reducing weight but also helps in improving the blood pressure and sugar, improves heart health and also reduces appetite. 
  • If you are curious to boost your health, then you can definitely count on this diet. But before starting the diet seek consultation from your doctor.

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