We all wanted a fit and healthy body,but the question is how much hard work you can do for it. Having a fast and busy life leads to lack of time for workout. Here we have the simplest and most natural workout and that is morning walk. Morning walk is beneficial for not only younger people, its benefits extend to everyone, whether you are young or old.  A morning walk in fresh, cool and relatively pollution free air has a refreshing effect on your mind. Having a walk in the morning can even increase your lung capacity.

In fact human beings are built to walk. Movement and mobility is necessary for the body .Without it, the body almost shuts down and the body part will stop working.

Also, morning walks are a good alternative for people who don’t like workout. A simple brisk walk can be very beneficial for health.

In this article we will give you detailed information regarding the benefits of morning walk.

Benefits of Morning walk

Amazingly, this simple and easy exercise has many benefits to the body, from obesity to heart health,  sleeplessness to dementia and depression. Morning walk is not only good for your mood but it’s also good for your body. Read the article further, to know more about the physical benefits of morning walk.

Physical benefits of morning walk:

Here are top 7 benefits of early morning walk on physical health:

1.Helps in weight loss

Morning walks can be the best thing for the person who wants to have weight loss. According to some research, walking aids weight loss in obese people by reducing the overall body fat and improving flexibility.

Walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes helps in losing 150 calories.

The important thing to remember while walking is the correct technique. Hold your head up, look straight and keep your neck, shoulder and back relaxed while walking. 

You should have a brisk walk with deep breath. And always remember , enjoy your walk.

2. Lowers the risk of diabetes

Did you know that morning walk is the best tool a diabetic patient can have to fight this disease.

Morning walk helps in keeping the blood sugar level in check and also helps in controlling the insulin type-2 diabetes .

According to research, a 30 minute brisk walk can help in reducing the risk of diabetes. The movement caused by walking , helps the muscle cells to utilise the extra glucose and thereby keeps it in a managing level.

So it’s simple to wake up early, put up your track pants and running shoes and go for a nice long walk.

3. May help reduce the risk of cancer

The most important physical benefit, walking provides is that it helps in reducing the formation of cancer cells in the body.

According to some experts, morning walk can reduce the risk of breast,colon,liver, kidney and cervical cancer. It helps in lowering the level of some harmones like estrogen, insulin and certain growth factors that causes cancer.

Now you know  that morning walk can help in keeping Cancer at bay, so you should start adding it in your daily routine.

4. Keeps your heart healthy

According to the American Heart Association, walking briskly for 30minutes can help reduce the risk of heart related diseases.

The benefits of walking do not stop here. Having this golden exercise can help in reducing tryglcerides level ,harmful LDL and also it keeps you safe from stroke.

If possible instead of elevators take stairs and walk more.

Also, make sure to take a smooth and comfortable route for walking and avoid broken pathways.

5. Controls Cholesterol levels

As we have read earlier that brisk walk helps in reducing harmful LDL level in your body. At the same time, it also helps in boosting the amount of HDL in your body.

It is necessary to have a certain amount of Cholesterol to maintain optimum health.

Having a brisk walk in the morning not only lowers the LDL in the body, but also makes sure to regulate the level of good cholesterol in the body.

6. Prevents Arthritis and osteoporosis

A 9 to 5 desk job has many negative impacts on your body. Changes in lifestyle and work type leads to an inactive body , leading to stiff joints. These stiff joints further develop into arthritis.

According to some recent studies, having a 30 minutes daily walk can help in relieving the arthritis pain and also reduces the stiffness of the joints.

Also it prevents osteoporosis, which is a condition in which bones become weak. This is most common in women in their 30s. Walking exercise not only strengthens the joints but it also improves the bone density.

7. Protect against atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which LDL cholesterol starts building up in inner arteries and causes blockage. This is due to the restricted flow of blood in the body.

Regular morning walk  improves the circulation of blood in the blood vessels and also reduces the risk of blood clotting. 

Having a 30 minutes brisk walk can even reverse the conditions of atherosclerosis.

Now you know the importance of morning walk for the physical body. Let’s get to the mental benefits and the early morning walk benefits or advantages to the body.

Mental benefits of morning walk

Morning walk benefits for health are not confined to the physical body only. You can see the benefits of early morning walk on your mental health too. 

A pollution free, pure oxygen in the morning not only has a relief to the physical body but it also has a positive effect on the mental health of a person. Daily morning walk helps to clear your head, reduce depression and also helps in better sleep at night. Continue reading to know about the early morning walk benefits on mental health

8. Lifts up mood

Morning walk provides the brain with fresh and pure oxygen to the brain, which ultimately freshen ups the mood. 

Moreover, it also connects the person to the environment which is also somehow beneficial to the brain. 

Regular 30 minutes morning walk also helps in clearing the webs in the head and promotes creativity.

9. Increases the efficiency of brain function

Did you know that regular morning walk not only lifts up the mood but also improves the efficiency of the brain and thinking capacity?

Not only this, a brisk walk in the morning also improves the memory and creativity of a person.

When you walk, the fresh oxygen and blood supply to the brain is accelerated and enhances the brain functioning and mental alertness.

Moreover, a brisk walk in the morning can increase brain volume and also improves its functioning.

In short,morning walk not only rejuvenates the body, it can do more than you think.

10. May relieve depression

Depression is a major problem worldwide among youngsters and adults. This mood disorder gives rise to other health related problems.

But do you know that a simple walk in the morning helps in fighting the demon of your head.

Basically, when you walk your body produces natural pain killing, endorphins which  flow throughout the body, which helps in relieving depression.

A brisk walk in the morning for 30 minutes everyday helps in improving this condition. 

11. Better sleep

It is proven that people engaging in regular exercise like walking have fewer sleep deprived nights.

Moderate walk regularly will help your mind to relax which ultimately improves your sleep pattern.

Morning walks help calm your mind and relieve stress which at the end of the day helps you in getting better sleep and you will feel well rested the next morning.

Even for people having an inactive lifestyle, a regular walk will be a golden exercise to improve your sleep cycle.

12. Reduce the risk of dementia

Do you know that the brain is less active in sedentary people? And the reason behind this reduced functioning of the brain is the sedentary lifestyle.

The proper functioning of the brain gets reduced in sedentary people and causes brain fog.

Morning walk not only provides clarity to the mind but it also accelerates the oxygen to the brain which reduces the chances of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Other importance of morning walk 

Morning walk not only provides these physical and mental benefits mentioned above but it also provides other benefits rather than just rejuvenating your brain and body. You can also see benefits of morning walk on skin, if you make it your daily routine.Here are some other importance of morning walk or the benefits of morning walk.

13. Lowers blood pressure

Studies have shown that daily walk for 30-45 minutes can lower down the blood pressure naturally.

Even a 10 minutes brisk walk can be as helpful as one longer walk. 

A simple brisk walk, that’s all it takes to lower down your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol.

Utilise your morning time to have a walk of at least 30-40 minutes, which will help your body in every way.

14. Help prevents miscarriage

During pregnancy, many doctors recommend avoiding high impact activities, because during pregnancy your joints are softened and may cause injury if you continue a high impact workout.

According to a study, women who has a high impact work out during pregnancy are more likely to have miscarriage than women having low impact work out in pregnancy.

To stay active and healthy, doctors usually suggest daily walking. A daily walk not only promotes heart health but it also helps in shedding the extra fat which women gain during pregnancy.

Also , morning walk helps in calming your mind which promotes good mood of the mother and ultimately helps in having better health of the baby.

15. Improves your balance and coordination

Balance and coordination improves if you stay active. For having a proper balance and coordination your body muscle should be working and having continuous movement .

And walking is the best way to keep your muscles working, especially your legs and hands.

16. Boost the immune system

Daily walking helps in boosting the immunity. Walking increases the blood circulation in the body and also improves the oxygen supply to the body.

This helps in strengthening cells which protects the body by killing the bad bacteria.

Also as per some recent studies regular exercise can reduce the number of colds you have in a year.

So lace up your shoes and go for a long walk.

17. Make you look and feel better

According to some experts, going for regular morning walks may make you live longer.

 Regular morning walk helps in the proper blood circulation in the body and also improves immunity. Hence, it improves your overall health parameters and as a result you will find yourself taking fewer meds.

18. Tones the body

Here is good news for those who are working really hard to get a perfect tone body. 

Because walking not only helps in losing weight but also tones the muscle in your thighs, calves, buttocks and quads. This is easy right, you just have to make it your routine and in return you will get a sexier body.

19. Improves lung capacity

Walking exercise Improves the heart and lung endurance.

 Regular brisk walk increases the workload on the lungs .This helps your body to use oxygen more efficiently and with time improve your breathing and also improves the capacity of lungs.

And when your lungs get more oxygen, your whole body gets more, which is very beneficial to you.

20. Reduce fatigue

A brisk morning walk not only helps in weight loss but it also boosts up your energy.

Walking every morning helps increase circulation of blood and the supply of oxygen to the body, which keeps you active and alert all day.

It not only makes you feel better but it can also help in alleviating fatigue and boosts up your body’s energy level.

21. Lower risk of diseases

Walking helps in boosting the immunity, which in turn helps in keeping the deadly diseases away.

Walking also lowers down the risk of getting metabolic syndrome.

 A brisk walk increases the blood circulation level, which helps in keeping cardiovascular and other threatening diseases away.

22. Slow down ageing

Benefits of early morning walk are not only confined to physical and mental health, but you can also see a small and easy morning walk advantage in your ageing process also.Daily walking has so many benefits to the body which helps you stay active and healthy in your old-age. 

The increased blood circulation helps in keeping the threatening diseases at bay and helps the body to boost energy and slow down ageing process.

23. Make your skin glow

Benefits of morning walk for skin are ample.

Daily walking will stimulate the blood flow to your skin which gives you a radiant glow. 

Not only this, daily walking makes you look younger by tightening up your saggy skin and  firming muscle tone.

Ladies, buckle up and have this morning walk advantage for a radiant and younger looking skin.

Benefits of morning walk on skin can only be seen if you continue to walk daily.

24. Promotes hair health

Walking lowers down the blood pressure, improves blood circulation and keeps stress at bay, which benefits your hair.

 It promotes hair growth and also prevents hair loss. This small low intensity exercise can provide you with long lustrous hair.

Instead of spending 1000 bucks on your hair and your skin, fit this small intensity workout in your daily routine .

25. Regular bathroom habit

This morning walk advantage can be good news to the people who suffer from constipation.

Daily walking schedule helps in having good bowel movements. This also speeds up the digestion process and hence, the regular removal of waste material from the body.

Sedentary lifestyle creates the problem in the digestion process and causes constipation and slow digestion of food.

Daily walking helps the person with constipation to have a normal digestion process and have a regular bathroom habit.

Helpful Tips for walking

Here are a few tips you should keep in your mind while walking and fit it in your daily regime of workout.

  • While walking, always keep your posture straight. Bending your back can cause problems in your spine.
  • Early morning walks are best for your body as your blood circulation increases and also you will have the opportunity to have a daily dose of vitamin C from the sun.
  • A brisk morning walk for 30-40 minutes, four to five times a week can helps you burn calories and helps in shedding extra pound
  • It is advisable not to drink too much water while taking brisk walks, as it can cause problems in the respiratory system. Drink water before starting the walk or 5 minutes after you are done.
  • If you go out for a long walk then you should have a water bottle handy to prevent fatigue from dehydration.
  • For the new ones, they should start with a slow and comfortable pace. It is to make sure that you don’t exert your body too much from the start. You can increase the speed gradually bit by bit.

Continue reading to know about the best time for an early morning walk.

Why should you walk in the morning?

The morning time is the best time to have a walk because in the morning hours, pollution level is at its minimum in the air. This is the best time to have pure oxygen, which is very beneficial to the body.

Oxygen plays an important role, as it helps in the overall functioning of the body. When you inhale pure oxygen from air it not only rejuvenates your mind but also helps to boost the immunity, which further protects from harmful diseases.

Also the best time for early morning walk is from 5 am to 7 am. 

This is the best time for an early morning walk, because during this time your body is full of energy which will help you to walk for more time.

Should you walk before or after breakfast?

If you walk in the morning , then this common question will arise in your mind, you may wonder if walking should be done before and after breakfast.

According to some research walking in the fasting state helps in burning fat faster.

But it depends on your body. If you feel fine taking a walk before breakfast, or if your stomach feels better after having breakfast, that’s totally up to you.

You may also take a small snack like a fruit or smoothie before heading out for your routine walk, it is totally fine in this way too.

Just make sure to have a healthy breakfast and plenty of water.

For how long should you need a walk

Doctors usually recommend having at least 30 minutes of brisk morning walk in a day, for four to five times a week. 

During the initial days of your work out , give yourself small goals and try walking for 10 to 15 minutes slowly.

Increase the speed gradually and then you can extend it to 60minutes a day depending upon your body.

What you need for a morning walk

Here are the things you needed for the morning walk.

  • A pair of walking shoes
  • T-shirt and track pants
  • Sports bra
  • A sipper
  • A fitness tracker( if you want to track your steps,heart rate and calorie count.)

So people, after knowing that the morning walk benefits for health are in ample amounts, you should make it your routine.

Morning walk ke fayde

Morning walk ke fayde anek hai. Morning walk ke fayde siraf sharirk tak hi simit nhi hai, iske anek mansik fayde bhi hai jaise ki stress dur krna, kaam krne ki shamta bhadana or yhi nhi, ye pachan prakriya ko bhi labh phochate hai.


Now you may know the importance of morning walk to your physical and mental body.

It not only helps in shedding your weight but also has other health benefits like improves heart health, lowers down bp, reduces the risk of diabetes.

Not Only this, it also has a significant impact on your mind. This low intensity workout keeps the stress at bay and provides you with better sleep and also improves your work efficiency.

Now knowing the benefits of morning walk you should start making it a part of your routine to stay healthy and happy.

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