Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

Are you struggling with cough and cold? Does the feeling of being sick, fever, chills, cold and cough makes your life miserable? It slows down your daily life which makes it boring. Nothing can make you feel better, except for some ancient home remedies for cold and cough. This not only helps in easing your symptoms but also keeps you from feeling miserable.

Though most of the cough clear up by its own but some natural home remedies for cold and cough might help you feel better and you will have a sound sleep in the night. 

Continue reading the article to know about some home remedies for a cold and cough.

Home remedies for cold and cough

You might not believe it, but coughing is actually a process to clean up your body from inside. It helps to clear your air passage in response to some pollutants which enter while you are breathing. But if it becomes a problem and gives you some sleepless nights then you should try some ancient home remedies for a cold and cough for some relief.

Here are some of the home remedies for cold and cough:

Ginger Tea

Ginger has some anti-inflammatory properties which may help in easing the dry or even the asthmatic cough. It may also help in running nose, nausea and pain by expelling phlegm from the respiratory tract. 

Study done on human cells and animals has found that the anti-inflammatory compound in ginger helps in relaxing the airway membrane which further helps in reducing the cough.

Make some ginger tea by adding 20-40 grams of ginger to a cup of hot water. You can also add some sweeteners like honey to add on some taste.

Also, remember to have it in limited amounts because ginger tea can cause stomach ache or heartburn.


Honey is one of the popular home remedies for cold and cough in infants. It has a variety of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which helps in easing the symptoms of cold and cough.

Honey in lemon tea also helps in easing the problem of sore throat. 

According to some research honey is more significant in reducing cough in children than the cough suppressing medication dextromethorphan.

Also, researchers suggest giving 10 grams of honey to children before bedtime helps in reducing the cough symptoms which helps the child to have a sound sleep in the night.

But avoid giving it to the children younger than 1year old as it contains botulinum spores which might not be able to digest by such small children.


Garlic contains a compound named allicin, which is rich in antimicrobial properties. It helps in reducing the severity of cold and cough symptoms. 

Eating garlic might also help you to avoid getting sick in the first place. Garlic is also beneficial during the season of heat waves. 

The research on garlic is still going for the potential benefits of garlic for cold and cough, but till the time you should add garlic in your diet as it will not cause any harm to your body.


Staying hydrated is essential during the time of cold and cough as it helps in loosening the congestion and also prevents you from being dehydrated. It also helps in easing running nose and sneezing. 

Having some fluid at a little warm temperature may benefit you during cold and flu. Having warm water instead of cold water, chicken soup can help.

You will get immediate benefits from these symptoms when you take warm beverages.

Some of the warm beverages which can be comforting are:

  • Herbal tea
  • Chicken soup
  • Clear broths
  • Decaffeinated tea
  • Warm water
  • Warm soup


Steam is very beneficial during cold and cough. It helps in opening the blocked nose and also helps in relieving you from the mucus formation due to wet cough. 

Having a hot water bath or vapourized steam both are beneficial in cold and cough.

But always remember to drink a glass of water after taking a steam bath to avoid dehydration.

You can either use a vaporized steamer or make a steam bowl. For this take a large bowl and fill it with hot water. Add a few drops of eucalyptus or rosemary oil to it. Lean over the bowl and place a towel over your head and try to inhale the steam. It may help in decongestion and also helps in cough. 

If you get irritation on your skin due to the heat then discontinue the process until you feel cool on your skin.

Salt- water Gargle

Salt water Gargle is the age old home remedies for cold n cough. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of sore throat and pain. It reduces the mucus which got layered on the back of your throat and causes you soreness and cough. 

For this take a glass of warm water and add one tablespoon salt to it. Use it for gargle. While gargling,let the water sit at the back of the throat for a moment before spitting out. This helps in removing the cough which is sitting at the back of the throat. 

Try to avoid this home remedy for younger kids as they might swallow the salty water while gargling which might cause problems in their throat.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is best known for relieving cold and cough symptoms. It may help in reducing mucus production in the body while boosting your immunity. 

Lemon, grapefruits, oranges and some leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin C.

You can have lemon tea with honey during cold and cough. It helps in reducing the symptoms of dry cough, sneezing and sore throat.

Vitamin C also helps in improving respiratory tract infections and other illnesses.


Probiotics are good bacteria which may help in boosting immunity by improving the gut health. And a healthy immune system reduces the chances of getting sick and also helps in fighting off the infections and allergies which can cause cold and flu. 

Yoghurt is one of the richest sources of probiotics,it not only increases the good bacteria in the gut but is also a good source of protein and calcium. It contains lactobacillus bacteria which is also beneficial in preventing you from cold and cough.

Some foods which contains probiotics are:

  • Kimchi
  • Miso soup
  • Natural yoghurt
  • Sauerkraut


Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples. It has some anti-inflammatory and mucolytic properties. This property of pineapple helps in breaking out the mucus and removing it from the body.

Having pineapple juice during cold and flu may help in reducing the mucus production and suppressing the problem of coughing. 

Bromelain supplements are considered more effective in reducing cough. You can also have this supplement during cold and flu. It is best to consult your physician before taking the supplement.

Bromelain should be avoided by people suffering from its allergy or those who are taking blood thinner medicine or any other antibiotics.

Marshmallow roots

Marshmallow roots are one of the age-old remedies for treatment of cold and cough. The herb helps in breaking the coating of mucus formed on the back of the throat.  

The marshmallow roots are also available as bagged tea in the market. You just have to dip it in the hot water and drink it immediately. It will help in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold. 

There are some side effects of drinking marshmallow roots but these side effects can be subsided by drinking more fluid.


Thyme is also one of the effective home remedies for a cold and cough. It is also helpful in bronchitis, sore throat and digestive issues. 

According to a study, cough syrup containing thyme and ivy leaves are significantly more effective in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold than normal cough syrups. 

Always check for thyme and ivy leaves in the composition list before buying cough syrup. 

You can also make thyme tea by adding dried thyme to a cup of hot water. Let it sit for 10-15minutes before straining the tea for drinking. The antioxidants present in the herbs are helpful in treating coughs and colds.

Dietary Changes for Acid reflux

Acid reflux is the condition where the person feels burning pain on the upper chest. It is commonly caused by coughing. 

Avoiding food that can cause acid reflux during the time of cold and flu can help in managing the symptoms of cough.

Avoid eating food which can trigger the symptoms of reflux in your body. And if you don’t know which food can cause reflux in your body then try to avoid the most common triggered food from your diet. These food includes:

  • Onion
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus food
  • Fried and fatty food
  • Mint
  • Spicy food
  • Tomato 

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is the best choice when you feel sick. It is known to fight cold and cough, according to various studies. Chicken soup cooked with lots of veggies can slower down the movement of neutrophils in the body. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cells that helps in fighting against infections. The slow movement of neutrophils helps them to stay concentrated in the region where the body requires healing. This helps in fighting off the symptoms of cold and flu more quickly.

According to some studies chicken soup also helps in reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. 

Just having a bowl of hot chicken soup can be very beneficial not only for the symptoms of cold and cough but it also provides nourishment to the body during the time of flu.

Other Options

Other than home remedy there are also some options to fight with the symptoms of cold and cough. These includes:

  • Humidifier-

Adding moisture to the air in your room might help in relieving congestion. Humidity in the air helps in easing the cold symptoms. You can take a steamy shower or use a cold mist humidifier in your room.

Change the water on a daily basis. And don’t forget to follow the instructions given in the manual to clean your humidifier to avoid the encouragement of bacteria and mold. 

  • Zinc-

A 1984 study suggested that taking zinc supplements might prevent you from getting sick frequently. Also, some study shows that syrups containing zinc helps in reducing the cold and flu by one day, especially in the cases where the supplement is taken within 24 hours of the first symptoms of cold. 

Consult your doctor before considering the supplement for cold as it has some potential side effects.

  • Vapor Rub-

The smell of vapor rub might feel pungent in your nose but this old fashioned ointment is one of the best home remedies for cold and cough in infants. It is best for small children because they might not take other medications or remedies for cold and flu. Apply the vapor rub before going to bed and this will help in opening your air passage to combat cough and you will get sound sleep. 

Taking tulsi, ginger and black pepper tea might also help in fighting cold and cough. Brandy and honey, turmeric milk, amla, ginger tulsi mixture, flaxseeds, carrot juice and spices tea are also other home remedies for cold n cough.

Tips to prevent cold and cough

Though it’s not possible always to avoid cold and cough but some precautions and tips might help you in reducing the risk:

  • Washing Hands Regularly- Make it a habit to wash your hand after coming back home with soap and warm water to remove the bacteria and virus present in your skin. You can also use alcohol based sanitizer outside your home when required.
  • Avoid contact with sick people- Try to maintain a safe distance from a person suffering from cold and flu. You might get the virus present in the surroundings.
  • Getting enough sleep- It’s important to have proper sleep. Sleep helps in increasing good bacteria in the body. Aim to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep to stay fit and healthy.
  • Reducing stress- Stress has a negative impact on your immune system. And having a poor immune system means increasing the risk of diseases. 

Try to indulge in some physical activity like yoga, jogging or cycling 3-4 times a week to reduce stress and boosting your immunity.


There are many home remedies for a cold and cough symptom. Some of them might feel difficult to take but these can help you in getting relief from the symptoms of cold and cough.

You should also boost your immunity to avoid getting sick frequently. For that you need to improve your diet and indulge in some good physical exercise like yoga, cycling or jogging. 

This article contains information about the home remedies for cold and cough during pregnancy, home remedies for cold n cough and home remedies for a cold and cough.

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