How to Increase Energy Level

How to Increase Energy Level: With changing lifestyles, the lives of people have become fast and busy. Due to this fast life, many people complain of constant fatigue and drowsiness. For this lifestyle-related tiredness here we have some ways for how to increase energy level. The article looks at some natural ways to boost energy. 

With all your energy drained out, you might be not able to concentrate on your daily task and eventually your patience level gets decreased. Also due to this you might not be able to enjoy the activities you enjoy doing.

Read the article below to know how to increase  energy level naturally.

How to increase energy in the body

Do you feel tired during your work? Do you wish to get more energetic so that you can enjoy your life after work? 

There are many reasons that may make you feel tired and exhausted, these might be lack of sleep, lifestyle changes, stress at work or some chronic disease and it’s following treatments.

However, dealing with fatigue and drowsiness due to chronic conditions is difficult but if it is caused due to lifestyle reasons then adapting some good habits can help you in boosting your energy level. 

Here are some ways of how to increase energy and stamina:

Reduce stress

Nowadays stress has become an inevitable part of human life. Every other person is dealing with stress and anxiety.

But do you know, it is also one of the main reasons behind your drained energy.

Stress-inducing emotions consume lots of energy, also it will cause lack of concentration in your work.It can also affect your physical and mental health.

Though it’s not possible to completely remove stress from your life, there are many ways to reduce lifestyle stress and will help you in increasing your energy level.

Talking with your loved ones, relaxing your body, reading, going out for a walk,yoga, meditation all can help in reducing stress. This further will help you in boosting your energy level.

However, it is important to seek medical or psychological help if you are feeling very stressed and have severe anxiety.

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You might be thinking how sleep is related with increasing energy level in the body.

Lack of sleep is one of the major reasons behind you feeling lethargic and tired throughout the day. You might have seen that if you don’t get enough sleep, you become grumpy and feel disconnected from your work due to lack of energy.

Sleep is essential to get yourself charged for the next day. It is recommended to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, although it’s not the same for every person. Some people require more than 8 hours of sleep and others need only 6 hours and less sleep.

You can also try some relaxing techniques before going to bed to get some sound sleep. This might include reading a book or taking a bath or getting to bed earlier than usual. 

You can also try some mindfulness techniques like meditation and yoga to calm yourself. 

Also you should avoid using phones or laptops before bed.

Using phones and other screens before bed have been linked with bad quality of sleep according to some studies.


Though exercise may not be the first thing you want to do to boost up your energy but it helps your body in many ways.

You might have seen that during the time when you feel tired just getting up from the chair, stretching up yourself and moving around the table helps you a lot.

In a similar manner a little exercise helps you in boosting the energy level by releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones that help you feel energized.

Exercise also helps you in getting sound sleep and in reducing stress from the body which also contributes in boosting your energy level.

For a good start a brisk walk might work. You can also indulge in cycling or jogging. You don’t need to take part in intense exercise if you are already feeling tired, it won’t work out in your favour. 

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Avoid Smoking

The next tip for how to boost your energy level naturally is to avoid smoking.

Cigarette smoking is harmful for your health. It increases the risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart and respiratory diseases.

The tar present in the cigarette can weaken your lungs and reduce the lung capacity, which further decreases the oxygen level in the body. Lack of oxygen is also a reason behind you feeling tired. 

The nicotine present in the tobacco also increases the blood pressure and disturbs the brain wave activity which can cause insomnia. 

If you are a smoker then quitting on cigarettes is the best thing you can do for your overall health and for increasing your energy.

You can also take help from the doctor, who can give you some direction for quitting it.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is also a cause of your low energy level. Also, Alcohol acts as a sedative and makes you feel tired and drowsy.

Alcohol can also make you dehydrated which can also make you feel out of energy.

Some people believe that drinking alcohol helps them to have better sleep. But regular drinking before bed can hinder the quality of your sleep. And lack of sleep will make you tired the next day.

Alcohol also acts as a diuretic, which can disturb your sleep. Having alcohol drinks before bed can increase your peeing, means you may get up more in the night.

You should avoid drinking alcohol before bed and also while drinking you should drink within the recommended guidelines. 

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Your eating habits is also one of the lifestyle habits that can cause a lack of energy in your body. 

Checking your diet is another way of how to improve energy level.

Good eating habits not only helps you in boosting your energy but also keeps your overall health in check. It will help in decreasing the risk of some chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease. 

When you eat right you can feel it’s positive effect on your body. Choosing healthy, nutritious food helps your body to function properly.

Eating processed food high in sugar and fat may affect your body and you will feel lethargic and tired after eating it.

Also, irregular eating habits and skipping meals can cause you fatigue because your body will not get the necessary nutrients for proper functioning of the body.

Food is an important fuel for proper functioning of the body and if you skip that fuel or try to put one with poor quality then your body will not function properly.

Avoid added Sugar

The other way of how to increase energy level naturally is to avoid added sugar in your diet.

As you have read earlier processed food with high amounts of added sugar is also a cause of you feeling tired.

Although sugar filled snacks can give you instant energy but it doesn’t last long.

This is because when you eat high sugar snacks then the blood sugar level rises up quickly, which results in increasing the release of insulin in the body to normalise the blood sugar level. 

This increase and decrease of blood sugar level takes up lots of energy, leaving you with the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. 

Also, according to a study it is shown that a person having breakfast cereal filled with sugar felt more tired and lacked energy than a person having breakfast rich in whole cereals. 

This is because complex carbs in whole cereals take time to break out and release sugar in the blood slowly.

Also, high amounts of sugar in processed food is linked with obesity, diabetes and other health related issues.

So try to avoid eating food with high sugar content.

Drink Coffee

A caffeinated drink in the morning can help you in boosting your energy level. It also helps in increasing your alertness and helps you in concentration on your work. 

But if you want to grab it’s advantage you need to take it judiciously. High amounts of caffeine can be harmful for your body. It might also cause insomnia. Try to avoid drinking coffee in the evening as it can give you a sleepless night.

Stay Hydrated

The other way of how to increase energy level naturally is to drink more water.

You might know that your body is made up of 70%of water. Water helps in moving the nutrients in the body. 

Dehydration can make you feel fatigue and can also affect the functioning of the brain. It can lead to poor working.

One study on young men shows that losing 1.59% of body fluid causes poor working memory and increased feelings of anxiety and tiredness.

Make sure to drink lots of water, especially if you do intense workouts in humid climates. 

Loss of more than 1% fluid only takes place when you do intense activity, usually in hot climates.

You can use a water reminder app if you are not able to track your water intake.

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Be Social

Being social is also one of the ways of how to increase energy in the body. Social connections are extremely important to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Social isolation makes you boring and tired. It can also lower your mood especially during old age.

Having some social outings and especially with upbeat friends makes you feel full of energy and positivity.

People with stronger social connections live more because they have better physical and mental health, according to a study.

When you feel tired it’s better to go out and socialize with your friends, this not only helps you in boosting up but also makes you feel positive.

You can also organise some social activities with your friends or can join some social clubs.

Lighten your Load

Overwork is the main cause of fatigue. It is caused due to professional commitment, family and social obligations. 

The best way of how to boost your energy level in this case is by streaming your activity list according to your priorities.

Pare out your work in an order by putting out first the most important work and putting the least important in the last. 

You can also take help from others at work during the time of extra work. In this way you will not feel overloaded with work and also you will not get stressed up.

You want to know how to increase energy and stamina by soaking some natural light, read on to know about it.

Soak some sunlight

A brisk morning walk can help you in soaking some morning sunlight. It helps you in enhancing your mood and also helps in increasing the work efficiency.

Going out for a walk on a warm, clear day to soak some light helps in boosting your energy and helps to absorb new information faster, says some experts. It also helps in boosting your self-esteem.

 If you can’t go out, especially in this lockdown condition then you can at least open the shades or curtain of your room and let some natural light come inside the room.

You want to know how to improve energy levels by eating nuts, read on further to know about it.

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Eat some Nuts

Nuts are considered as a rich source of energy. They provide lots of nutrients for proper functioning of the body. Eat a handful of nuts daily, especially which are high in magnesium and folates.

Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It is also required in the breakdown of glucose into energy. A slight decrease in magnesium level can also cause lack of energy in the body.

Eating a handful of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews in your daily diet helps in getting the required magnesium content to the body. You can also increase its intake by eating whole grains, especially bran cereal.

Add a Houseplant

Adding a house plant can also help you in how to increase energy in the body. You can put a small plant in your stuffy office or in your house. It can help in filtering out the pollution  and ozone. It also spread positivity in the environment. And filtering out the chemicals from the environment can have some good effects on your body. It can help you in removing energy draining allergic particles from the air and also increases the lung capacity.


Changes in lifestyle makes your life busy and tiring. Lack of energy can cause hindrance in your daily activities.

Then how to increase the energy level in the body? 

Drinking enough water, doing yoga and cycling, eating well, staying away from processed food, quitting smoking and alcohol might help you in this. 

It’s important to look at your lifestyle and eating habits which is the major reason behind your lack of energy in the body.

A good and healthy lifestyle is the way to boost your energy level in the body.

This article contains information about how to increase energy and stamina, how to improve energy and how to increase energy in the body.

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