When you get cold and flu, everyone around you has their own theories and ideas of what will help you and make you feel better. Some say to have chicken soup, others advises to have vitamins. But what is the best way of how to make immune system stronger to keep the diseases away and have a healthy body. 

Your body including your immune system runs on the fuel you put into it and for that proper functioning of the body you need to eat well along with some other ways like physical exercise to keep it health. 

So here we have the list of foods that boost the immune system and helps in the proper functioning of body.

But before getting to it firstly let’s understand what is meant by the immune system and immune system meaning in hindi.


The immune system is a defence mechanism of a body, which protects the body from threats which includes viruses, bacteria and parasites. It attacks the germs or the foreign substance and keeps the body healthy.

 It also keeps the record of every microbe it has ever defeated within the memory cell, so that when the same microbe enters the body again, it will destroy that microbe before it can make you sick. Fever is also an immune response .

Now after knowing what is meant by immune system let’s understand immune system meaning in hindi to know how to make immune system stronger.


Immune system meaning in Hindi -प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली

इम्युनिटी को हिंदी में रोग प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली कहा जाता है।यह हमारे शरीर को सभी तरह की बिमारियों से लड़ने की शक्ति प्रदान करती है और साथ ही बीमारियों से लड़ने के लिए शरीर की सेल्स तैयार करती हैं। यह सेल्स तैयार करने के साथ साथ विदेशी प्रादाथ के आग मन को भी रोकती है।

Continue reading to know about the immune system of the human body and immune system- how to improve.


The immune system of the human body is very much essential for survival. If there was no immune system our body would be an open gate for the attack of bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The immune system is spread throughout the human body to detect the foreign substance and distinguish the foreign tissue from our body. Before knowing the immune system- how to improve, firstly we will introduce the parts of the immune system.

Now after understanding the immune system of human body, it’s important to understand the parts of immune system in human body.


The main parts of the immune system are:

  • White blood cells–  white blood cells include B and T lymphocytes and many other immune cells. White blood cells in the blood look for the foreign microbes throughout the body and after finding the foreign invaders they start the immune attack.
  • Lymphatic system- The lymphatic system is made up of white blood cells, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. It is a network of tubes that carry colourless fluid. Its role is to manage the fluid level in blood, react to bacteria and deal with cell products. 
  • Spleen- The spleen is a blood- filtering organ that removes microbes , it also makes components like antibodies.
  • Bone marrow – Bone marrow is the tissue which is  found inside the bones. It carries oxygen to the parts of the body, it also produces red blood cells.
  • Thymus- It produces T- lymphocytes and also monitors the blood content in the body and filters it.

 Now lets understand about foods for the immune system and immunity so that we can know the immune system- how to improve.


The overall ability of the host to fight the disease causing organism offered by the immune system is called immunity. Immunity of every individual is different, it is weak in the case of small children and old-age people and it is stronger in case of teens and adults. That is why teens and adults get sick less often. Immune system also keeps the account of the microbes it encounters and produces the antibodies. A copy of antibody will remain in the body if once produced so that if the same microbe appears again the immune system can quickly kill it before it gets multiplied in the body. 

That’s why some diseases like measles and chickenpox happen only once to a person.

There are three type of immunity, and these are:

  1. Innate immunity- This is a type of defence mechanism which is present at the time of birth, means we are born with some immunity to protect yourself from the day one. The innate immunity consist of external barriers and these are –  
  •  Physical barriers – skin and the mucous membranes of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts. 
  • Physiological barriers- Acid in stomach, saliva in mouth and tears from eye, all prevent microbial growth.
  • Cellular barriers- Some types of leukocytes( WBC) and monocytes and natural killers in blood. 
  1. Acquired Immunity- Acquired immunity is a type of immunity which is pathogen specific, means when the body encounters a pathogen (microbe) for the first time it produces an antibody and produces a copy of the same to deal with the same pathogen if it encounters for time.
  2. Passive immunity- It is a borrowed immunity, which means ready-made antibodies are introduced inside the body to protect against the foreign agents. For example, milk produced by the mother during the initial few days of lactation provides immunity to infants.

Continuous reading to know the answer of the most important question,the immune system-how to improve and to know how to make immune system stronger


It is always a question in our mind how to make the immune system stronger and have a healthy and fit body. Because it is important to have a stronger and improved immune system as it does an important role of defending our body against diseases. Also a strong Immune system not only helps in fighting the diseases but also increases the body stamina.

Here are the some easy ways of how to boost immune system when sick:

  1. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables- 

Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps in providing enough nutrients to the body and helps in making the new cells. When you get sick your body’s energy gets depleted and having a bowl full of fruits and vegetables increases your energy.

  1. Get adequate sleep-

 When you get sick it’s important to have a good amount of sleep. It is a key component during the time of flue. Get at least 7 hours of sleep and also take a 20-30 minutes power nap if you’re falling.

  1. Drink lots of water- 

Water plays an essential role in your body. It helps you to build muscle by carrying oxygen to the cells. Also having water in good amounts helps you to remove the toxins from the body.

  1. Start taking supplements of specific nutrients like zinc, selenium, vitamin D-

 According to a recent study, zinc which can be found in pumpkin, spinach, and beans can be helpful in shortening the flu period by a few days. It has some Immune boosting effects which helps in fighting the cold and flu. Also having food rich in vitamin C and D helps in boosting the immunity, because of their anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties, which keeps the immune system stronger.

NOTE- Before taking supplements make sure to consult a doctor.


Having the foods to boost the immune system is not sufficient . You also have to take some precautions and keep some important point in mind to have a stronger and healthy immune system.Here are some ways you should remember to have a healthy immune system:

  1.  Don’t smoke- Smoking leads to the destruction of the tissue cells which further makes the immune system susceptible to infections such as pneumonia and influenza. Also smoking leads to the lower level of protective antioxidant in the body, which weakens the immune system.
  2.  Exercise regularly- Physical activity, increases the oxygen content in the body and helps to flush out bacteria from lungs and airways. This may reduce the chances of getting cold and flu.Increase in oxygen  also helps in making more WBC in blood which fights the foreign cells that enter the body.
  3.  Maintain a healthy weight- Excess fat in the body can weaken the immunity. Immune system is made up of different types of cells which protects the body from foreign invaders, these cells need to be co-exists in a certain balance. Excess fat in the body can disturb this balance in the body, which can harm the immune system.
  4. Drink alcohol only in moderation- Alcohol damages the epithelial cells in your intestines which further disturbs the gut microbes interaction with the immune system, which leads to weakened immune system. So it is advised to drink alcohol in moderation.
  5. Maintain proper hygiene, such as washing your hands frequently- Washing hands on regular intervals and maintaining proper hygiene kills the harmful bacteria present in the environment and makes you sick less frequently. This helps in maintaining good health and stronger immunity.

Read further to know about the foods to improve the immune system.


Feeding your body with a good quality of food is essential to maintain a stronger and healthy immune system. A good diet full of vegetables and fruits is very much important to boost the immune system. Here are the list of some important foods to improve the immune system:

  1. Vitamin C or Citrus fruits-

Vitamin C is the key to the stronger and healthier immune system.

It is rich in antioxidants and helps in the production of white blood cells, which basically helps in alleviating allergic reaction and also enhance immune function. All the citrus fruits are almost rich in vitamin C . Some citrus fruits are-

  1. Oranges
  2. Lemons and limes
  3. Grapefruits
  4. Tangerine

  Being a water soluble vitamin, our body  doesn’t produce vitamin C and store it , so we have to take it from outside. The daily recommended intake by ICMR (2010) is 40mg/day for both men and   women. Also, it is recommended that the person who smokes needs an extra amount of vitamin C to rebuild the cells of the body, which gets destroyed during smoking.

  1. Ginger- 

Ginger helps in decreasing inflammation and inflammatory diseases and also reduces sore throat and nausea( sensation of vomiting). It also has antioxidative properties which helps in the production of white blood cells. And as we know these cells are the base of the immune system.

  1. Garlic-

 Garlic is a common age-old remedy from our grandmothers for cough and cold.

It has an immune boosting effect because of the high concentration of sulphur containing compounds. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure .

  1. Yoghurt- 

Yoghurt is rich in protein and vitamins but it is also a good source of probiotics which keeps your gut healthy. Probiotics help in flight of the bad bacteria in the intestines and also gives a boost to your immune system.

  1. Spinach- 

Spinach is rich in antioxidants and also in many essential nutrients like flavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C and vitamin E. Due to its richness in antioxidants and beta carotenoids it increases the fighting ability of the immune system.

  1. Turmeric- 

Turmeric is famous for its high quality of curcumin. Having Turmeric in milk (yellow milk) helps in boosting immunity. In Indian homes having turmeric milk in the winter is a tradition. Also turmeric helps in subduing the effect of sinuses.

  1. Zinc-

 Zinc is an essential mineral which helps in the production of some type of immune cells. Also zinc is Benefits in fighting cold and flu due to its protective effect.Food source having zinc are:

  • Oysters
  • Chickpeas
  • Baked beans
  • Raisin bran
  • Cashews
  1. Carotenoids- 

It is also a type of antioxidant found naturally in plants. Carotenoids is a plant based antioxidant which is converted into vitamin A by our body that helps in boosting the immune system. Food source having carotenoids are:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Sweet potato
  • Apricot
  • Kale

We also have a list of drinks that boost immune system. To know about it, continue reading the article.


Sometimes in the morning hustle for going to work causes disturbance in having proper breakfast or food. It feels easy to have some drink in the morning chaos than to have a proper meal. So we also listed down the drinks that boost the immune system to help you out. Instead of having foods to improve the immune system you can also have these drinks that boost your immunity.

  1. Herbal tea- 

Both chamomile and green tea are a great way to boost immunity. Because of their phytochemical properties they help in curing the cold and cough. 

Also chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties which helps sore throats and improves the immune system.

  1. A berry smoothie-

 Having a berry smoothie in the morning is one of the best ways to improve the body’s immunity, because they are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. This tasty and healthy smoothie is full of nutrients. So have this drink in the morning to give a good kick start  to your immune system.

  1. Orange or grapefruit juice- 

A glass of orange juice every morning can give your body the much needed vitamin C which will be very beneficial to the immune system. Also oranges are rich in antioxidants which helps in making the new cells.

If you don’t like orange juice then tomato juice can be a great alternative to have your daily Vitamin C dose.

  1. Green juice-

 If you hate eating green vegetables, then you can make an appetizing juice of kale,broccoli and spinach, and its taste might surprise you. These not only give your immune system a boost but these are also rich in vitamins like A and K and other minerals like copper, potassium and magnesium.

  1. Water

Our body is made up of 70% of water and because of that you need plenty of water for proper functioning of the body. Having plenty of water helps in building new cells and also helps in boosting the immune system.

It is also important to know what are the foods that weaken the immune system. Read the article further to understand the list of foods that weaken the immune system.


Having good food to have better health is everybody’s concern nowadays. Compromising with good food can lead to weakened immunity which later become a home to many diseases. What you are putting in your mouth is going to build your immune system. Now the question arises what not to eat that weakens the immunity? Don’t worry we covered you up with this. Here are list of foods that weaken the immune system:

  • Beverages high in sugar content and refined carbohydrates-

 Foods high in sugar content suppresses the immune system by triggering the low grade inflammation in the body. Also sugar contributes to diseases that are chronic in nature and causes cardiovascular issues and diabetes. It is recommended to cut off high sugar containing foods to stay healthy.

  • Processed food- 

 Processed foods are also high in refined carbohydrates and sodium content which can trigger the antioxidants present in the body and causes destruction of good bacterial cells which helps in fighting the diseases. Also, Processed foods like chips, fries, ready to eat food, packed food should be avoided.

  • Alcoholic beverages- 

Drinking alcohol in excess increases the susceptibility to pneumonia and also increases the chances of developing acute respiratory syndrome, the factors which could potentially impact COVID-19 outcomes. It’s better to have some glass of wine, instead of alcohol.

  • Excess sodium ( salt ) content– 

According to the University hospital of Bonn, having salt in excess may lead to immune deficiency, and reduce the ability to fight bacterial infection. Also excess salt intake can cause high blood pressure which can further cause chronic issues like cardiovascular diseases and immune deficiency.

  • Excess amount of caffeine intake-

 Coffee and tea are a good source of antioxidants but having them in too much can interface the sleep pattern which can increase inflammatory and compromising immunity. It’s better to have caffeine intake 6 hours before bedtime to prevent interference in sleep.

Avoiding these and having in limited amounts will be beneficial for the immune system.


It is important to keep your immune system stronger, to keep the deadly diseases away and also to have a healthy lifestyle. Having a strong immune system helps fight the seasonal flu and cold. Having foods to improve the immune system will make it stronger and healthier. You should also avoid foods that weaken the immune system.

Other ways like physical exercise, practicing good hygiene and staying hydrated are the ways to keep the immune system stronger.

Now you know what is meant by immune system and how to make immune system stronger and how to boost immune system when sick also the foods that weaken immune system. So after knowing all these you should take food to improve the immune system and drinks that boost immune system.

This article contains information about what is meant by immune system, how to make immune system stronger, immune system- how to improve,foods to improve the immune system or foods for the immune system,foods that weaken the immune system and how to boost immune system when sick.

For more information like how to make immune stronger, foods for the immune system and immune system- how to improve.

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