Natural Remedies for Anxiety and Depression

When anxiety strikes, you must have craved for a faster relief. But do you know that medication is not the only treatment? If anxiety is interfering with your normal life, then you can consider these simple potential natural home remedies for anxiety and depression. 

Anxiety is a normal emotion, through which everyone must have gone in their life. Uneasiness, breathlessness or heart- pounding are some of the common emotions you must have felt before your important meeting, results, interview and many other important things. But if you feel it more often than others, then it means that you might be suffering from anxiety disorder. You can try some easy natural remedies to get some relief.

Read on to know about the natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Some anxiety is a normal part of life. It is caused due to stress and other lifestyle changes. It helps you to stay motivated and prepared and helps you in staying aware about the risk. But, if it creates problems in your life, then it’s better to act on it before it makes your life dark and dull. Trying on some simple natural remedies for anxiety can help you to take a step further towards positivity.

Here are some of the natural remedies for anxiety and depression:

Laugh out loud

Yes, it’s kind of weird but it will help you out in keeping you positive. Even a fake laugh can help you out.

When you laugh your body instantly produces dopamine which is a brain chemical that controls feelings and emotions of pleasure.

A fake laugh can also helps in producing this chemical. You can do laughter exercise in the morning or you can try a laughing app.

Loma Linda University research studies suggest that a mirthful laugh can helps in decreasing the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone which is also a cause of increased anxiety.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation is one of the best natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia.

Yoga relaxes your body and mind. It helps in keeping your kind free from any negative thoughts.

When you do yoga, you put your body in a certain position that makes your muscles and other tissues stretch and at the same time you work on your breath by keeping it calm.

Yoga keeps your body fit and diseases at bay.

When some concern seeks in or if you are not able to concentrate on your work, meditate for 15 minutes and all the negative thoughts instantly get dismissed.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is considered as a natural sedative and drinking a glass of it may help you stay calm at first. But once the buzz of alcohol gets over your anxiety will return. And this time your anxiety gets doubled and you will feel worse.

Instead of relying on alcohol for some relief you should understand the root cause of the problem, because taking support of it everytime you feel low can make you alcohol dependent.

Limit your alcohol intake and if you are addicted to it then seek help from your doctor or find a deaddiction center of group.

Quit Smoking

You must have seen that during the stressful situation, smokers often run for cigarette smoking. It works similarly like alcohol during anxiety. It can give you instant relief but later when the anxiety hits back, it worsens the situation. 

A report shows that the earlier you start smoking in life, the risk of developing anxiety increases. 

Smoking is also injurious to health. It can cause lung cancer or other severe respiratory disorders. 

Nicotine and other chemicals present in cigarettes can block your ability to think and alter your brain pathways leading to anxiety.

Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy and presentable food on the table can lighten up your mood. While chemical in processed food, artificial coloring and preservatives can cause mood change in some individuals. A high sugar and fat diet may also have a negative impact on your mood. 

Eating food rich in lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables not only brighten up your mood, but also keeps your temperament and overall health in check.

You should check on your eating habits, so that you can understand which food is hitting on your anxiety. 

Ditch Caffeine

Do you consider coffee as your life savior, when you need instant energy? 

But drinking coffee when you have anxiety may cause more harm to your body.

Drinking coffee can make you feel more anxious,jittery and nervous. Drinking coffee increases the risk of panic in people suffering from panic disorder. 

You should avoid drinking coffee and other caffeinated products like soda, chocolate, tea and other over the counter medications.

You can switch coffee with other healthy drinks like green tea.

Get some Sleep

Sleeping is the best natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia. 

Anxiety causes insomnia, due to which your sleeping pattern got disturbed. Try to take proper 7-8 hours of sleep.

Avoid using mobile phones or any other screen before sleep. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks and large meals before bed as it can disturb your sleep.

If you don’t feel sleepy don’t toss on your bed instead walk around your balcony or read some good books. Also writing down a journal before bed can help you keep calm.


Aromatherapy is considered as the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression. The essential oils used in aromatherapy help you stay calm and relaxed. 

Researchers suggest that essential oils help in sending some chemical messages to parts of the brain that affect mood and emotions. Aromatherapy also helps you in boosting your mood, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and also helps in having sound sleep.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and depression are lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, grapefruit and clary sage.

Drink Chamomile tea

Apigenin and luteolin present in the chamomile tea helps in relaxing your mind.

Studies done by University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre, shows that there is a significant decline in anxiety disorder in people who included chamomile tea in their diet.

Having three cups of chamomile tea in a day, during your anxiety attack may help your mind to stay relaxed and calm.

Practice Deep Breathing

When anxiety hits you, your breathing becomes shallow and fast.

Practicing deep breathing exercise is another natural remedies for anxiety and depression.

When you are anxious your heart rate becomes fast and you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Slow and even breathing can help you restore your normal breathing pattern and you may feel relaxed. Also your heart beat becomes normal with this exercise.

Set Priorities

A to-do list may help you from being nervous and stressed. Streaming up your activity list according to your priorities may help you in completing your work. This will also keep you focused with your work.

Pare out your work by keeping the most important work on the top and least important work at the end.

If you get exhausted then let go off the work which is not important or ask for help. This will help you and you will not feel overburdened with your work commitments.

Stay out and soak some sunlight

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D and the best mood booster.

Taking a morning walk and soaking some natural light helps in boosting your mood and makes you feel positive. 

Intake of the required amount of vitamin D helps in boosting the happy hormones in the body, which will decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you can’t go out then open your window curtain and let the natural light come in.

The next natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia is a warm bath with Epsom salt. Read on to know how it affects your mood.

A warm bath with Epsom Salt

Magnesium sulfate present in the Salt has some mood lifting properties. It calms down your body and mood which helps you in having a sound sleep. A warm bath calms your body nerves and makes you feel relaxed. 

Adding a half cup epsom salt in your bath water helps in regulating your mood and gives some relief from anxiety.


The first thing which comes to mind when you feel stressed is taking some good massage or a spa.

When you feel stressed or anxious, the muscles of your body become sore and tight.

Massage helps your body tissue to open up, which makes you calm and relaxed.

While massaging, therapist used to press some specific points in your body which releases some electric stimulation making your body feel relaxed and composed.


If constant anxiety makes your life miserable then trying some natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia may help in calming you down.

However, these remedies can only make you feel better for some time. 

It’s important to consult your doctor for help. Constant anxiety issues need professional help. Don’t suppress the symptoms. And if you know somebody suffering from the same then try to seek some help.

This article contains information about the natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia.

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